Welcome all. This has become the web site of the big sister...



Miss Elizabeth Anne Franks

Born on August 7th, 2003 at 8:27p.m.



We've got PICTURES

(The dates to the right are when I last added pictures.)


Big Girl Pictures (7-21-05)

Holiday Pictures (10-2-04)

The Queen w/Family and Friends 2 (11-11-03)

  The Queen w/Family and Friends (10-26-03)

                                                         Elizabeth Anne Photos (10-2-04)

                                                      Wurgler Reunion (10-2-04)

                                                    Elizabeth in Colorado (10-2-04)

                                              Elizabeth's Baptism (11-29-03)

                                            It's Bath Time (10-14-03)

                                                  The Delivery (9-12-03)


Here's some of the older stuff we had on her web site.


Photos of the Little One (pre-arrival)

Photos of her New Home

Our Riddle Announcement



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